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8+ Best Chatbot Plugins for your WordPress Site in 2021

Best Chatbots For WordPress

Botsify is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress chatbot plugin that comes with plenty of useful features. Build your bot to hand over a credit card, and then try it out on your site for up to 14 days without paying. In this blog, we have listed some of the plugins available in 2023. A website chatbot is a specialized software that can provide you with automatic replies to all the messages and queries of the users from your site. Creating a chatbot is not as difficult or costly as it once used to be.

Best Chatbots For WordPress

They offer a free 14-day trial (no credit card required) which helps you try it out before choosing a paid plan. Reviano is your number one destination when searching for business software. There is nothing you won’t find with this smart solution covering hundreds of software categories. This way, you can benefit from the data you have to turn your website visitors into clients, make good decisions, and run your business smoothly.

Customer Support

Think of a WordPress chatbot as a butler to your WordPress website, aka Alfred to Bruce Wayne. The following chatbots are currently popular, and are expected to be widely used by leading WordPress development service providers in 2023. The fingerprint sensor and face recognition on your phone is the perfect example of AI. Cliengo can collect vital information from users and generates leads.

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IBM Watson Chatbot is a well-known AI platform that enables businesses to quickly build and deploy conversational interactions in any application, device, or channel. Botpress plugin is very popular worldwide, with more than 9.9k stars on GitHub and 3.5k active community members. Thousands of leading companies worldwide, like Zoom, Shell, HSBC, etc., rely on this plugin to build custom chatbots for their business. The plugin offers one simple API that looks after various powerful features like spell checking, intent extraction, language identification, entity extraction, and slot tagging. At Kommunicate, we are envisioning a world-beating customer support solution to empower the new era of customer support. We would love to have you on board to have first-hand experience of Kommunicate.

Unbeatable WordPress Chatbot Plugins You Shouldn’t Miss

This WordPress bot also lets you use the customer’s account data, like their name, in the chatbot dialog for better personalization. Landbot.io chatbots also include surveys designed to keep customers engaged so they don’t get bored with long drawn-out forms and questionnaires. For employers looking to simplify the onboarding process, Landbot.io can even be configured to help guide new hires through learning the ropes.

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After the trial period, if you choose not to continue using Botsify, you will be billed accordingly. It is also compatible with WPML, a popular translation plugin for WordPress. Another handy feature of the plugin is its ability to automate the display of advertisements on the chat screen. This can be a great way to monetize your website and earn additional income. We can help you with extending the ability of your WordPress website so that you can use chatbots on your website if you need any assistance with this. Uncover your website’s performance bottlenecks to deliver a better user experience.

#6. Streamline Your Customer Onboarding Process

You can display the bot on all pages of your site with the Quick Access Widget, which is one of the highlights of the plugin. With it, users can easily contact you, whether it’s through email texts, phone, or messages. Users can easily interact with your website in a seamless, convenient way. They can address users questions and needs within seconds, and direct them to the right person when they require assistance from sales or support staff. Once you install Tidio plugin the widget pops out and you are good to go. You can communicate with your customers from a single dashboard, and when you are not around – Tidio chatbot will keep an eye on your customers’ queries for you.

Best Chatbots For WordPress

However, WPBot also allows integration with Dialogflow for advanced natural language processing capabilities. The chat widget provided by WPBot improvises conversations and helps you effortlessly collect qualified leads. Chatbot plugins can offer several WordPress website. Additionally, chatbots can help save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up your team to focus on more complex issues. Today, chatbots can handle tasks ranging from referring visitors to information to qualifying new leads to scheduling meetings. A chatbot is a computer program powered by either rules or artificial intelligence (or both!) that interacts with human users via a chat interface.

It is connected with more than 1,300 applications, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and lots of email marketing automation platforms. With Cliengo’s one inbox for customer messages from various social media and instant messaging apps, it makes it easier to manage customer conversations in one place. WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey is a great option for those looking to add a chatbot to their WordPress website. This plugin allows users to easily add Facebook Messenger chat functionality to their site with just a few clicks.

Best Chatbots For WordPress

Brian has a huge passion for WordPress, has been using it for over a decade, and even develops a couple of premium plugins. This is designed specifically to use with Facebook Messenger Customer Chat. Plus, the Freshchat Messenger can be used not only as part of your website and app, but also as a standalone support portal. In this case, directing visitors to a static website page won’t be enough to answer their question. For example, Landbot asks each visitor for their name, then addresses them by name throughout the rest of their interaction. This way, they not only help users get the information they need, but also maximize the value they get from each of the resources on their site.

Route customers to VIP support, where they can ask questions in person. With the rapid development of technology and generative AI, graphic design software is more accessible and invaluable than ever before. From captivating websites and 3D modeling to compelling media ads, designers rely on a variety of graphic design tools for all of their digital and print design… These will help you keep an eye on the chatbot’s performance and improve it quickly. You’ll be able to see the areas in which the bot needs improvements and which ones are performing well.

Best Chatbots For WordPress

Designed for Facebook and Instagram users in mind, Chatfuel is a good option for those with no programming skills. Businesses can use it to book appointments with customers on Facebook, fundraise for nonprofits on Instagram, and guide customers to purchasing through their website shipping portal. You can send reengaging messages to bring back customers who have dropped off, and track analytics of the common questions to help you automate more helpful conversations.

With collect.chat, you can choose a template to allow website visitors to set up appointments by providing them with a calendar. Moreover, Collect.chat WordPress chatbot plugin has various features for businesses to take advantage of. Since WordPress is open-source, it offers a range of its own chatbot plugins, as well as third-party plugins. Cliengo Chatbot also has some other features such as multilingual support, live chat, and integration with external systems like Google Analytics. Chatbot.com also provides Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities and analytics tools to track performance.

Best Chatbots For WordPress

WordLift automates website SEO by analyzing all content, adding structured data or schema markup to it, and making it more understandable to Google. With chatbots, you can engage customers in a discussion in real time and make the survey successful. Similarly, AI chatbots can be used to collect feedback via simple questions and improve products or optimize the website. The predefined intents can work without integration to DialogFlow API and AI and include simple text responses such as FAQs. If you don’t need a native WordPress plugin solution, you also might want to check out our list of the best AI chatbot tools, which includes AI chatbots with more of a SaaS approach.

  • You can also view the past conversations between guests and Watson the chatbot.
  • But before you install any of the WordPress chatbots, you should have a clear purpose regarding the chatbot.
  • The WhiteLabel AddOn allows you to replace the QuantumCloud Logo and QuantumCloud branding with yours.
  • All interactions are located in one panel, and there is also a mobile application available to simplify the processes.
  • It includes all the tools and integrations along with live chat and chatbots.

Moreover, its chatbots specifically do all the routine work for you. It automatically collects visitors’ contacts and other data gets their consent and supercharges your marketing efforts. Landbot is a premium software solution that has to offers 3 different pricing packages.

It doesn’t just give your users a great experience, it gives you valuable insights. With this plugin, you can get a transcript of every conversation you have with your bot so you know how your users communicate with it. Your website’s overall performance can be improved with this information.

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